The Phi Phi Hill website is designed to show the tranquility of the resort and its extraordinary views. It should also give an impression of the exceptional beauty of the Phi Phi Islands with its surrounding Andaman Sea. We think, that this can be achieved best with webdesign focused on images - a picture tells more than thousand words.

At December 26, 2004 a disastrous Tsunami wave triggered by an massive undersea earthquake close to Sumatra hit the Phi Phi Islands - together with thousands of kilometers coastline at several countries at the Indian Ocean. More than 200 000 humans lost there lifes at that catastrophe.
Tonsay Village - the island's busy tourist's center - was devasteted as well as many resorts at Phi Phi Don. At the day of disaster and the following days Phi Phi Hill Resort served as a shelter for numerous people - tourists and locals - who had been gaining for higher grounds.
Fortunately at Phi Phi Hill Resort nobody was seriously hurt. Direct damages of the Tsunami had been negligible here.
All bungalows and the Phi Phi Hill Restaurant are located well above sealevel, unreachable for any waves. In addition Hin Phae - the small rock-island south of Phi Phi Hill Resort - together with the coral reef in front of the beach weakened the power of the incoming Tsunami waves. There have been only minor damages at the Phi Phi Hill Beach Restaurant.

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