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Two weeks in the Sultanate
Impressions of the Sultanate of Oman

Omanis we met
Omani Kids
Soccer at the beach
Small but beautiful - Oman's capital Muscat - the mountain village Misfah al-Ibriyeen
At the market - Omani Souqs
Within fortified walls - visiting a number of Omani forts
At green waters - a visit to a few Omani Wadis
Walking on moon - Ophiolite
Over mountains and through canyons - crossing Hajar al-Gharbi
Into the desert - Wahiba Sands
Road Signs
Cars & Drivers
At the sea

The dark side of the beach [WARNING: SHOCKING CONTENT !]

This website is dedicated to all our friends who are curious about our journey to the Arabic peninsula.

Owing to circumstances - our friends will know what we mean - it was the first time in 25 years that we spent our winter holidays outside tropical Asia. We chose the Sultanate of Oman as our destination, because it is reasonably warm in February, there ought to be almost no Dengue-transmitting mosquitos and it is possible to dive on coral reefs.
We had already been to Egypt in 1980, another muslim country like Oman, but we did not really know in advance what to expect from a holiday in the Sultanate.
Although we have visited so many countries and places in Southeast Asia, Oman was really a very exotic destination for us.
We were very impressed of the friendliness and the hospitality of the Omanis and fascinated by the spectacular landscapes.

© photos by Thomas Gramanitsch - February 2005

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