The "King Cruiser"

length : appr. 85 m / width : appr. 22 m

This images are dedicated to all interested divers who want to use them to plan their dives at the shipwreck.
The "King Cruiser"was build in Japan in the early 60's as a catamaran car-ferry-boat. It's original name was "Rokomaru". It used to serve as a ferry- and supply-ship between Phuket and Phi Phi Island (Thailand). It sunk within 30 minutes after hitting the "Anemone Reef" on may 4, 1997. All passengers  ( more than 600 according to some sources ) and crew got rescued. The captain is said to have been disappeared after the incident.

The impact ripped the port hull, making the whole vessel sunk over the port side. When it did hit the bottom some ceilings at the port stern section collapsed. All masts were cut to remove obstacles for navigation. The huge front loading-ramp is open. Because of strong tidal currents the starboard chimney broke down on the upper deck about one year later.

At December 26, 2004 a massive Tsunami-wave devasteted the whole region. The impact and the subsequent water turbulences may have crushed the structure of the shipwreck. This might have also changed the exact position of the wreck.

Thanks to Heinz Oswald from Moskito Diving / Pee Pee for informations. Heinz was one of the first on site after the accident occured. His divers checked the wreck for trapped passengers immediate after the impact. Then the owners of the ship authorized him to film the whole wreck on videotape. This job engaged him several days.
Heinz and his daughters Tina and Anna died on December 26, 2004 as Tsumani-waves wiped out Phi Phi Village. - .
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