Andaman - Impressions
At December 26, 2004 a devastating Tsunami-wave triggered by the massive 9.0 undersea earthquake close to Sumatra threatened the whole Indian Ocean with massive impact on the Andaman Sea.

in memory of Heinz Oswald

in memory of the marine life in the waters around the Phi Phi Islands, the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands before disaster struck

Andaman Sea - Thailand

photos by Karl Harmacek, Uwe Schröder, Wim Van Daalen, Harri Tscheck, La Lanlongsa, Karl Harmacek and Thomas Gramanitsch

Charly, Uwe, Wim, La and me took our pictures with a Sea & Sea camera while scuba diving. Harri made all his photos with a Nikonos III while snorkelling. As Harri made only slides from which he send me slide copies, from which I got paper copies, which I scanned, the quality of this images are compromised compared to the originals.
I personally am not a very good unterwater photographer, and for me scuba-diving without a camera is much more fun than with one. But what I like very much are underwater images with some kind of personal touch. That means for me, although I did not made most of  the pictures by  myself, they where made on the same dive, within the same group of divers showing the particular same animals, which I saw with my own eyes. The only exception is the monitor of which Harri made a very unusual photo.

created : 21.3.2000 - updated : 6.1.2005 - minor changes : 23.12.2021 - (c) Th.Gramanitsch